HDR24/96 is the reliable, all-in-one, digital 24-track production system offering powerful yet easy to use recording and editing tools to the serious music production customer. Hard disk recording lets you track, edit, cut, paste, delete, overdub, comp, and crossfade on a project for hours...and then go back to an earlier version at any time. The creative options are endless because you are'nt risking anything when you make major (or minor) changes. With the HDR24/96, you don't even need a computer to enjoy the benefits of hard-disk recording, it works with ANY console, it has a built-in graphical editor, and the media is inexpensive and removable.

  • 24-tracks, 192 virtual tracks (48kHz) for up to 90 minutes of continuous recording
  • Mouse, keyboard, and monitor ports built-in...NO COMPUTER NEEDED!
  • On-screen graphic interface mirrors front controls and meter bridge
  • Full-feature editing software built-in
  • 999 undo's with realtime history list
  • Continuously scrolling track waveforms
  • 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, and 24x track displays
  • Drag and Drop crossfades and rack slip
  • 8-channel I/O cards can be mixed and matched
  • Choose from all Digital 8Bus cards
  • Sync to SMPTE or MIDI
  • Internal Word Clock, SMPTE, NTSC, and PAL Black Burst built-in!
  • 100 Base-T Ethernet Port built-in
  • 3.5" drive bay for importing tempo maps and software upgrades



The MDR24/96 is Mackie's price-busting commitment to non-linear hard disk recording. For the first time recordist or those replacing aging ADATs, the MDR24/96 is the perfect choice. Ready to go right out of the box with 24 channels of analog I/O, the MDR24/96's familiar tape recorder style controls and simple operation will have folks up and recording in no time. Low-cost removable recording and backup drives make saving and storing projects a breeze. Non-linear recording is non-destructive and uses drive space more efficiently than linear or "tape-mode" hard disk recorders. Basic cut, copy, and paste editing is done using the MDR24/96's front panel controls right out of the box. With 999 Undos, creativity comes without a risk. The MDR24/96 is equally as powerful for pro users. Combined with the HDR24/96 and Remote 48 controller, the MDR24/96 is the perfect 24-track slave at a very low cost. Multi-room studios can install MDR24/96s in the B and C rooms and edit those projects on an HDR24/96 in the A room.

  • Plug and Play recording
  • 20GB internal recording drive
  • Drive bay for removable recording and backup media
  • 24-bit, 48kHz analog I/O included
  • Front panel cut, copy, paste editing w/ 999 Undos
  • Combine with the Mackie HDR24/96 and Remote48 for a 48-track digital recording system

Mackie's new SDR24/96 is designed to bring professional quality standalone hard disk recording to the home and project studio. Media- and remote-compatible with the HDR24/96 Recorder/Editor, it also makes an excellent "slave" unit for 48-track recording. Unlike some competitive hard disk recorders in it's price range, the SDR24/96 is a true non-linear design with non-destructive recording and editing - and multiple levels of undo.

Linear hard disk recorders work just like a tape: when you punch in, you've erased the previous take. The non-linear SDR24/96 lets you record as many versions of a track or track segment as you want without destroying the original. During playback, the recorder recombines the non-linear segments into a seamless soundstream.
And, unlike linear-style recorders, the SDR24/96 doesn't automatically eat up 24 tracks when you're just recording one or two tracks. Because it efficiently uses only the space needed for actual audio, you get far more recording time per gigabyte of hard disk capacity.

The SDR24/96 comes "ready-to-use" right out of the box with 24 channels of analog I/O provided. Just cable it to your analog or digital mixer. Then start appreciating how 192 virtual tracks and the ability to non-destructively cut and paste song segments will boost your creative options and freedom to experiment.